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Why should you choose an apprenticeship?

Young people have been exploring careers through apprenticeships for hundreds of years. Apprenticeships are a time-tested way to learn a skilled trade.

But is an apprenticeship right for you? Why should you get an apprenticeship?

Five good reasons why you should choose an apprenticeship

Number one

The chance to be your best. When you start an apprenticeship, you’ll learn a skilled trade from a master craftsman. You might get an apprenticeship in health care, or in manufacturing, or as a cook. But no matter which field you choose, an apprenticeship will let you work with someone who’s an expert and who will help you learn to be an expert too. You’ll learn to do work you love, and you’ll have the chance to be your best. That will give you great job opportunities for the future – everyone wants to hire the best!

Number two

A skill you can use. Jobs that start with an apprenticeship are highly skilled, and they are in high demand. After all, not everyone can do one of these jobs! It takes specialized training, which you’ll gain through your apprenticeship. Once you’ve completed the apprenticeship, you’ll have credentials that will be valued anywhere you go.

Number three

A paycheck while you learn. People don’t usually get paid to learn something new! But as an apprentice, you’ll learn a new skill and get paid while you learn. Apprenticeships combine book learning with on-the-job training. At the end of the apprenticeship, you can keep your job and earn a higher salary as a skilled craftsman. Or, you can take your skills to a new job.

Number four

Great opportunities. There are apprenticeships in nearly every field you can imagine: from police officer or firefighter to machinist or web developer. That means you can find an apprenticeship for nearly any career you want. And, if you complete an apprenticeship, you’ll have the skills and job experience to earn higher wages and get better opportunities than people who have entered your field without an apprenticeship.

Number five

A secure future. With an apprenticeship, you’ll have the chance to gain the skills and technical know-how to become one of the best in your field. Achieving such a high level of skill will lead to a higher salary and greater job opportunities. And that will mean that your future is secure.


“I got to learn on some really big projects! I’ve always been interested in this line of work, so I fit right in!”

Sheri Anderson

construction apprentice

“It was also very important to be able to earn while learning a new career and this program offered just that.”

John Harris

construction truck driver apprentice

“During my apprenticeship, I learned how to work with high voltage. The best thing about my job is that no two days are ever the same. It is a challenging and rewarding job and I love it!”

Debbie Jaeger

dispatch apprentice for Snohomish Public Utility District Energy Control Center

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