Why you might be interested in an apprenticeship
what is an apprenticeship?
Who is an apprenticeship good for?
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Who should be an apprentice?

Is an apprenticeship right for you? Do you have what it takes?

What’s your apprenticeship potential? Try this quiz and find out!

Quiz questions, yes or no
Are you a “kinesthetic” learner? That is, do you learn best by doing?
Do you like working with other people?
Do you like doing “hands-on” activities at school (such as science labs)?
Are you good at solving problems?
Do you like it when someone demonstrates how to do something?
Are you willing to work hard for your goals?
Are you persistent? Are you willing to keep trying until you succeed?
Are you dependable? Can other people count on you?
Do you want to learn skills that will get you a good job?
Do you want to be paid while you learn your job?
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Quiz Results

Number one

First, you need to know whether you’ve got the potential to be a good apprentice.

Number two

Second, you need to know what careers are most interesting to you… so that you can apply for an apprenticeship in a field you love.

The quiz on this page helps measure the first thing: whether you have the potential to be a good apprentice. What did it tell you?

To learn more about the second thing – what careers are interesting to you – you might want to try the Career Compass. It’s a special tool that lets you explore many different careers based on your interests.

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