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Apprenticeships in Health Care,. Do you like working with people

Would you like a career taking care of people?

The health care field requires great compassion for other people. It also requires a great deal of technical skill and knowledge.

An apprenticeship in health care can give you the opportunity to work with patients while you learn the skills you need to be successful. The number of apprenticeships in health care fields is growing every year.

Is health care the field for you? Here’s how to learn more:

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Health Opportunities for Today & Tomorrow in Washington State (WAHOTT).

Allied Health Center of Excellence at Washington Association of Community & Migrant Health Centers.

Health Unit Coordinator Apprenticeships.


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Even doctors have apprenticeships? Doctors do something like an apprenticeship during their training. A doctor’s apprenticeship is called an “internship,” and doctors do their internships during medical school.

Most careers in health care don’t require medical school. But several of them do offer apprenticeships. These apprenticeships combine on-the-job experience at a hospital or medical office with training at a community college. These apprenticeships have strict rules to protect the apprentice: apprentices earn money and have a good job while they learn.

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